Privacy Policy

This document (hereinafter also only the "Policy“) refers to the processing of the personal data of those who consult or connect, directly or through a link from another site (hereinafter also only the "User" or the "Users") to the website of Farma-Derma s.r.l. (hereinafter also only the "Site") and provide to inform them on how Farma-Derma s.r.l. processes their personal data provided through the Site.

Farma-Derma s.r.l. undertakes to respect the privacy and personal privacy of the Users of the Site and guarantees compliance with the strictest safety standards, in full compliance with the applicable data protection regulations.

This Policy is provided also pursuant to art. 13 of Regulation (Eu) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter also only the “Regulation EU“) and Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 (hereinafter also only the “Privacy Code").

  1. General Information

The Data Controller is Farma-Derma s.r.l. with registered office in Via dell'Artigiano No. 6-8, 40010 Sala Bolognese (BO) - Italy.

The use of the Site is subject to the present Policy.

It is to be noted that this Policy is provided only for the official Site of Farma-Derma s.r.l. and not for other websites that the User may access via link.

This Policy can be changed at any time and without notice; therefore the User is required to consult it periodically through the Site.

  1. Nature and categories of the personal data we process

Farma-Derma s.r.l. will be able to process the following personal data through the Site:

Navigation Data

As a general rule, the Site is accessible to Users without the need to provide their personal data or registration data. However, when the User interacts with the Site functions, following access and browsing of the Site, it could provide personal data, meaning all the information that can be used to identify, directly or indirectly, a natural or legal person. Such personal data may include date of birth, name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number and interests in the products. as well as IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by the Users who connect to the Site, the addresses in URL form, the access times, the consulted pages, the browser, the search engine and words used to find the Site and other parameters relating to the operating system used by the User.

Computer systems and software procedures used for the functioning of the Site can therefore acquire, during their normal operation, certain personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of the Internet communication protocols.  

Even if those data are not collected to be associated with identified data subjects or to be associated with other information about the Users, they may enable, by their very nature, to identify the Users.

As concern those navigation data, Farma-Derma s.r.l. informs that they are processed only for statistical purposes and in anonymous form in order to also monitor the functioning of the Site and improve its performance.

In addition, Farma-Derma s.r.l. undertakes to erase such data immediately, in compliance with applicable law, after processing, reserving in any case the right to keep them and use them in order to check the correct functioning of the Site or to ascertain responsibility in case of hypothetical computer crimes against the Site or through the Site.

Data voluntarily provided by the User

The User is free to provide the personal data to the addresses specified on the Site through the contact forms or forms that may be included in the same Site (e.g. in order to request information and/or submit reports about the products, to submit job applications, to report adverse events, etc.). The optional, explicit and voluntary submission of information through that way implies the subsequent acquisition of the submitted personal data.  

It is to be noted that specific privacy information notices, which integrate this Policy, will be progressively reported or displayed on the pages of the Site that are provided for particular on-demand services.

Sensitive personal data

The information relating to the health status are considered "sensitive personal data", or belonging to the special categories of personal data provided for according to art. 9 of the Regulation EU. If this happens, such processing is carried out on the basis of the User's consent, as well as to the fulfilments connected to the reporting of adverse events, to comply with the obligations under the law or regulations or to comply with contractual or pre-contractual obligations regarding the supply of goods or services (including the request for information about the products of Farma-Derma s.r.l. and their correct use).

  1. Compulsory and optional processing

The forms to be filled in on the Site include both the data that are strictly necessary to handle the communications and requests of the User, marked with the asterisk symbol [*], which, if not entered,  will prevent to process such requests, and optional data that are not strictly necessary to process the requests of the Users. Failure to provide the latter will have no consequences.

  1. Why we process the personal data

As a general rule, Farma-Derma s.r.l. uses the personal data of the User on the basis of its legitimate interests of communication and marketing of its products and services, as well as to make available and accessible the Site functions to Users.

In particular, the personal data of the User may be processed for the following purposes: to allow the User to view the contents of the Site, to optimize the operation of the Site; to run statistical analysis on the visits; to monitor the activity of the Site; to count the number of visitors to the different sections of the Site.

Personal data may be processed, with the consent of the User (art. 6.1. (a) Regulation EU), to provide the User with the specific information requested through the Site, and to manage any requests or reports received through the Site.

Personal data may be processed, always with the consent of the User, to manage job applications (art. 6.1. (a) and art. 9.2. (a) Regulation EU).

In any case, the personal data may be processed to fulfill obligations arising from laws, regulations or Community legislations (art. 6.1 (c) Regulation EU); to protect the vital interests of the User or of another natural person (art 6.1 (d) Regulation EU).

In case of special categories of personal data (art. 9 Regulation EU, sensitive personal data), the processing will be on the basis of the explicit consent of the User ((art. 9.2 (a) Regolation EU). In addition, their processing may occur even if it is necessary to protect a vital interest of the User or of another natural person (art. 9.2 (c) Regulation EU), for reasons of public interest (art. 9.2. (g) Regulation EU) also in the area of public health (art. 9.2. (i) Regulation EU) and for the obligations related to reports of adverse events.

Finally, ordinary and/or sensitive personal data of the User may be processed by Farma-Derma s.r.l. to protect its rights in legal proceedings (art. 6.1. (f) and art. 9.2. (f) Regulation EU).

Farma-Derma s.r.l. may also use anonymous data that do not allow, neither directly nor indirectly, to identify the data subject. These data are processed solely for statistical or demographic purposes, in order to also improve the quality of Farma-Derma s.r.l. products and services, to develop new functions of the Site, as well as for further general research purposes. Such data may be shared with third parties, always by guaranteeing the privacy and confidentiality of the personal data of the User.

  1. How we use and store the personal data

Personal data of the User may be processed by using automated and not automated means, as well as computer, telematic and manual means in full compliance with the Regulation EU and Privacy Code, applying the security measures appropriate for the risk as it is defined within the company organization of Farma-Derma s.r.l.

The processing can also be carried out by third parties formally authorized by Farma-Derma s.r.l. (e.g. employees, suppliers of services for the maintenance of the Site, etc.).

Personal data will be stored - depending on the type of the processed data - exclusively for the time strictly necessary to achieve and fulfill the specific purposes for which they are processed, in accordance with the criteria of relevance and proportionality.

Farma-Derma s.r.l. may in any case keep the personal data as long as required by a contract or by the applicable law.

  1. Who can have access to the personal data

As a general rule, Farma-Derma s.r.l. will not carry out any communication to third parties or disseminate or disclose the User's personal data without his or her prior consent.

In any event, Farma-Derma s.r.l. may disclose and make accessible the personal data of Users to those who, within the company, need them due to their job or role in the company (administrative staff, IT technicians, persons in charge of quality assurance, etc.).

Furthermore, Farma-Derma s.r.l. may also disclose and make accessible the personal data of the Users to professionals, independent consultants and suppliers which supply to Farma-Derma s.r.l. professional and technical services required to operate the Site.

In any case, Farma-derma s.r.l. may disclose and make accessible the personal data of the Users to  legitimate recipients in compliance with the applicable laws, as well as to comply with an obligation or a request of legal or regulatory nature.

With the exception of the foregoing, the personal data of the User are not shared with third parties, natural or legal persons, who do not perform any commercial, professional or technical functions for Farma-Derma s.r.l., and will not be disclosed.

The individuals who receive the personal data of the User shall process them, as the case may be, as Appointee or Responsible persons only for the specific identified purposes and in compliance with applicable data protection law.

It is to be noted that Farma-Derma s.r.l. will not share the personal data provided by Users to third parties that are outside the European Economic Area.

  1. How we ensure the safey and confidentiality of the data

To ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data collected by Farma-Derma s.r.l. through the Site and comply with the confidentiality provisions required by the applicable law in order to avoid data loss, illegitimate or unlawful use of the data or unauthorized access to the data, Farma-Derma s.r.l. undertakes to use systems for data which are protected, among others, by appropriate firewalls and passwords, in compliance with the provisions of the Privacy Code and the applicable legislation.   

  1. Rights of the Users as Data Subjects

The legislation for the protection of personal data expressly provides some rights for the subjects to whom the data refer (so-called Data Subjects). In particular, pursuant to articles 15 et seq. of the Regulation EU, each Data Subject has the right, at any time, to: contact Farma-Derma s.r.l. regarding the processing of his or her personal data; obtain confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning him or her are existing; obtain information about the source and the purposes and methods of the processing; request the updating, modification, amendments, integration and/or erasure of personal data; request the restriction of processing of his or her personal data or to object to such processing. Furthermore, each data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority if his or her rights under are infringed or if he or she is subjected to the consequences of an unlawful processing of his or her personal data.

For any request related to the processing of personal data by Farma-Derma s.r.l., to exercise the rights recognized by the applicable law, as well as to obtain the updated list of the subjects who have access to the data, the User can contact Farma-Derma s.r.l., by sending an e-mail message to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Farma-Derma s.r.l. will examine and evaluate the request and get in touch with the User.

If the User is given the option to share his or her personal data with Farma-Derma s.r.l., he or she can always decide to not do it. If the User opposes to the processing of his or her personal data, or withdraw his or her consent, Farma-Derma s.r.l. will respect this choice without prejudice to its legal obligations, and without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing carried out prior to the withdrawal of the consent

  1. Cookie

The following link includes all the information on the cookie installed through this Site and the necessary instructions for managing your preferences on the matter.

  1. Jurisdiction

The Court of Bologna (Italy) will be exclusively competent for any controversy related to this Policy. In any case, Farma-Derma s.r.l. reserves the right to obtain urgent remedies from any Court or Tribunal, even abroad, to protect its interests and enforce its rights.

This Policy is updated on July the 27th, 2018