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about us

Farma-Derma s.r.l. is an Italian company which was founded in 1989, in Bologna, Italy. In 2003 the company moved to Sala Bolognese (BO) where a new and enlarged headquarter has been recently inaugurated. Farma-Derma is a dynamic company that has been operating for years in the sector of healthcare and well-being products, developing innovative medical devices, food supplements, foods for special medical purposes and cosmetics, all exclusively sold in pharmacies. Highly qualified personnel is daily committed to research and development, regulatory, quality assurance and marketing activities. In addition, an extensive network of medical representatives regularly visit doctors and pharmacies.


Innovation is for us the basis for developing unique and quality products also through collaborations with Italian university centres. Farma-Derma has a list of products mainly intended for the treatment of gynaecological pathologies. The constant commitment to research and development has allowed us, in recent years, to include new therapeutic areas such as gastroenterology, dermatology, proctology, urology, otolaryngology and pulmonology in our product portfolio. Our mission is to identify new opportunities and to develop innovative formulations, without compromising on quality, offering safe and effective products to doctors and patients. To do that, the raw materials are selected carefully, with particular attention to compounds obtained with state-of-the-art technologies.

Moreover, the Quality Management System of Farma-Derma is certified in accordance with EN ISO 13485:2016 standard.